We are movers and shakers

Our Company

Farminista Africa LLC is Africa's first female-led Farm Franchise Company that empowers women smallholders by providing them with arable land, improved seeds, farm inputs, training on climate-smart farming techniques and provides a market for the sale of their farm produce. This approach gives our farmers the capacity to grow more food while increasing their earnings, improving their livelihood and by extension addressing the food and nutritional security needs of the continent.

Women grow more than seventy percent of food globally and in Sub-Saharan Africa they are predominantly in charge of the well being of their families in areas including child health, education and nutrition. In Ghana, these female farmers cultivate between a quarter to one hectare of farmland for every planting season and earn less than $300 dollars from their farms annually.

These women smallholders produce less on their farms compared to their male counterparts because of three main constraints - access to arable land, capital to fund their farm ventures and lack of market access for their produce.

Our Women

Our Mission

We are on a mission to feed the nations through women smallholders.